admomentum – Top Sparring for CIO and CDO

Top Sparring for CIO and CDO

My mission: I support you in your role as CIO and CDO with my extensive experience so that you and your team become even more successful and receive the recognition you deserve.

I have experienced the many joys and sorrows of being a CIO/CDO from my own experience and from different perspectives - be it in the role of CIO myself, or from the perspective of the business as CEO and board member.

In a Top Sparring I challenge your concepts and strategies, improve them in a targeted manner or rework them as part of a consultancy.

Do you also want your IT projects to be given the green light at management and board level? Do you want to make your IT future-proof and thus make an essential contribution to the success of the company? Do you want to set up your strategies and concepts clearly and comprehensibly for all relevant stakeholders?

As a Sparring Partner, I support you in shaping the content of your strategies and concepts in such a way that they are also understood and approved from a business perspective. Together, we clarify and specify the logical stringency and the contents of the undertakings so that they can be convincingly presented to the decision-makers.

As a Consultant, I work with you on the entire process - from the development of concepts and strategies to their communicative, procedural and organizational implementation.

With experience and methodological competence

  • Together with my team, I accompany and guide you through the challenges of digital transformation on a strategic and operational level. In doing so, we take an integrative approach by also looking at the impact of the transformation on the other areas of the company.
  • Let us open up new perspectives for you and examine the effectiveness of your ideas and concepts with you.

Patrick Freudiger

Für admomentum stelle ich meine Erfahrung als Berater und CIO, anderen CIOs in einem Sparring-Format zur Verfügung.


Ich reflektiere mit Ihnen und Ihrem Team Ihre konzeptionellen Überlegungen und helfe Ihnen dabei, diese zu schärfen.


Ich begleite Sie in der Entwicklung und Umsetzung Ihrer IT-Vorhaben und entwickle massgeschneidertes konzeptionelle Lösungen für Sie.