I accompany you in the development and implementation of your IT projects and develop customized conceptual solutions for you.

I advise you and your peers on how to transform the existing business model into digital business models to remain competitive and enable growth. Conceptually, we anchor these considerations in a digitalization strategy, in which the "digital topics and fields of action" of the corporate strategy are taken up and concretized. We position the digitalization strategy as a link between corporate and business strategies and the IT strategy.

I work with you to develop a customized IT strategy in which we define the vision, mission, and clear goals of IT for the coming years. We complement this with considerations on the structural organization of IT, an adequate governance model, a target architecture and a target operating model. In addition, we define concrete implementation measures and a master plan of how these are to be implemented in terms of time and resources.

I help you to sharpen the mission and business model of IT as well as all important control processes. Together we design a future-proof IT that can react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements. With the TOM, we can jointly record differentiated expectations of various stakeholders regarding the future set-up of an IT organization.

I advise you and your peers on whether and to what extent it is worthwhile for your company to implement agile organizational models - such as SAFe. I will explain the opportunities, risks and concrete prerequisites for success so that you can subsequently make a well-founded decision.

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