Authentic feedback at eye level: It is enormously challenging for CIOs and CDOs to receive sound and independent feedback on content-related concepts. Employees are usually inhibited and not critical enough when dealing with the ideas of their superiors. Colleagues outside IT are not able to challenge the content of IT concepts and often pursue their own agenda. Tool providers and implementation partners usually favor "their" solutions and their feedback to you is given against this background.

Having an experienced and independent sparring partner at your side can be useful. I reflect on your conceptual considerations with you and your team and help you to sharpen them.

What is your concrete benefit?

You will find an answer,

  • whether the concept you have developed is feasible.
  • whether you are relying on the right technologies.
  • how you can successfully meet the challenges of digitalization.
  • whether your vision is inspiring and your strategy understandable.
  • how to convince decision-makers of your ideas, concepts and strategies.

For whom is sparring at eye level?

For all CIOs who are looking for constructive and authentic feedback on conceptual and content-related questions about their digitalization strategy, IT strategy, target operating model, IT organization/Agile frameworks and IT architecture.

What is the procedure?

I challenge your ideas and concepts and support with reflective "out-of-the-box thinking". With a high level of technical expertise, years of practical entrepreneurial experience and no political agenda, I support you in 1-to-1 sparring in private or together with your team.

Do you need a second opinion and/or a new perspective? Give me a call.